I have been working on my presentation for the www.CloudFest.org Denver and Dallas presentations.  The title of my presentation is “Office 365, Value for the Enterprise”.  I am trying to explain Office 365, and the financial and administrative benefits for an Enterprise class client (> 50 users) move to Office 365.  Currently I have 20 slides in this presentation with 1 hour and 15 minutes of presentation time.  I am still refining this presentation but my goal is to talk explain Office 365 for approximately 35-40 minutes, demo the administrative interface for 10-15 minutes and allow for Q/A throughout.

So I thought I would give my loyal blog readers (and the rest of the people who find this post) a sneak peak!

What are the benefits of Office 365:


1. Relief for IT from managing the Servers and Services (Exchange, Lync and SharePoint) within the internal environment

2. Allow IT resources to focus on more strategic priorities

3. High availability/Disaster Recovery

4. Integration with existing on-premises services

5. Implement new functionality

6. Easy/Quick addition of additional users via acquisition/growth

6. Upgrade to new versions with little to no IT involvement


1. Move from Capital Expenditure to Operational model (per user/per month fixed pricing)

2. 321% Return on Investment (ROI) http://g.microsoftonline.com/0BXPS00EN/1106

3. financially backed Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Catapult Systems, www.catapultsystems.com is a sponsor of both the Denver and Dallas Cloud Fest events.  I encourage you to attend one of these events if you can.  You will be able to meet me in person as well as learn about Microsoft cloud services!

After I present at both the Denver and Dallas events for www.cloudfest.org I plan to post my slide deck here!