The thud you heard Saturday night was the Broncos falling out of the playoffs!  To say the Patriots won, would be an understatement, they pretty much destroyed the Broncos.  I don’t want to dwell on the loss or the end of the season!  The Broncos making the playoffs at all this season was beyond what anyone believed would happen coming from a 4 win season in 2010.  While they didn’t start this season very good, 1-4, they came on with a 7-1 record in the middle of the season before ending on an 0-3 record.  Most credit the winning to Tebow, but this is a team game and the defense, the running game and special teams all contributed to the turn around.

So by making the playoffs the Broncos energized the entire state!  It was great to see everyone wearing blue and orange and rooting for the team.  I am looking forward to next year and the ability of the team to build on this season and be more consistent and again challenge for the division and conference championships!


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