We had a very good November meeting of the Office 365 International User Group on the 12th. We started off the meeting with a great presentation on moving files from on-premises file systems to Office 365 SharePoint online, by Callum McNeill (no relationship, but really appreciate he spells his last name with 2 “L”‘s). Callum’s company, www.thefullsuite.com, developed a great tool that is very easy to use to migrate files and folders to SharePoint Online.

Next we had Sean O’Farrell present on using Dell’s Quest Tools for Exchange Online Migrations. Unfortunately, Sean was bitten by the Demo gods and had some issues with licensing. He did a good job of explaining how the Quest tools could help with migrations in several scenarios. Sean said he will battle the demo gods and be ready to demo on a future meeting. Sean also mentioned that http://www.cloudiway.com/en/ has just developed a tool to migrate Google Drive content, with full ACLs, to SkyDrive Pro. This looks like a great tool and Sean is currently using it I believe for a 9K+ seat migration.

We then opened up the floor to open discussion. This is a great meeting feature, it allows anyone to ask questions and get information about new features, troubleshooting or just bouncing ideas off the group. Even though Martina was not present, I did remember to record the meeting, well almost all of the meeting, the Lync gods got me and caused an issue for my recording, so while the recording does not cover the entire meeting, it does cover both presentations.

Also discussed, but not in the recording, are the below websites, some new and some old but all good!

New Sites:

http://office365tipoftheday.com/ – A new Blog site managed by Jethro Seghers (@jseghers) with a new Office 365 tip each day. If you would like to participate in the blog site you can register on the site.

http://www.office365mvps.com/ – A new blog aggregate site consisting of many Office 365 and other Microsoft bloggers.

http://www.office365fm.com/ – A new Podcast site, Loryan Strant (@Thecloudmouth), Martina Grom (@magrom), Jethro Seghers are the original founders, I have been invited to contribute as well and we recorded the first podcast yesterday, once edited it should be released shortly.

Other Sites:

https://www.yammer.com/office365iug – The User Group Yammer site, feel free to join

http://trustoffice365.com/ – Office 365 Trust Center

http://community.office365.com/en-us/default.aspx – Office 365 Community Home