I spent the past week up in Bellevue/Redmond at the Microsoft MVP Summit. This was my second summit, the first coming back in February. While the majority of information I received at the MVP is protected as NDA data, some things I can share. First off, one of the huge benefits of attending the MVP summit is the chance to interact with the Product Group (PG) members in Microsoft as well as network with other MVPs. This opportunity to talk, share pain points and things that are working well is invaluable. Having sessions presented by the PG team members and the ability to give feedback is cool, and that the PG truly listens to us is great and we can all work together to make a better product for everyone.

I would like to personally thank all of the Microsoft employees that took time this week to share their time, passion and information about the various products with the MVPs!

Some technical things that I can share with you:

Office 365 Admin App for Windows phone. Microsoft release an app for Windows Phone to allow admins to be able to monitor the Service Health Dashboard. A version of the App for Android and IOS will be coming out in the coming weeks, but I really applaud Microsoft for delivering this app first for Windows Phone.

Windows Azure Active Directory Connector for FIM 2010 R2. This will allow you to use an existing FIM 2010 R2 deployment to Sync with one of more Azure Active Directory instances. Please not that this connector does not support Password Sync; that is only available with the Windows Azure Active Directory Sync Tool (DirSync).

The new Rights Management Service (RMS) is available. This is very, very cool. The ability to securely share documents, and not just Office documents, with virtually anyone!

Office 365 Message Encryption. Another fantastic addition to the Office 365 Exchange Online messaging system. This is coming early next year!