While this is totally off the Office 365 Topic and has nothing to do with technology, I own this blog and felt this editorial from me was needed.  Most of you will hopefully read and take even a small part away from this and relate and understand where I am coming from and maybe even make a change to help us all become a better society!


This world has changed, I have changed as a result.  I am a 41-year-old father of a 7-year-old.  In my day I never went to school with a thought in my mind about a shooting, I went wanting to see friends and maybe learn a few things.  Now with the  school shootings and learning about more and more people that take advantage of young kids for sexual reasons, I have to pause and wonder what can I do to protect my daughter!  I want the very best for my daughter and want her to be open and find new friends and enjoy life.  But with the news almost everyday, like today with the Arapahoe HS shooting, how can I encourage her to live her life open?
My job is to protect my wife and especially my daughter, and with the way the world, specifically the lack of respect for life, how do I do this?  I feel like I need to keep my daughter in my house, add a security system, train my dog to attack anyone at a command known to me and my family and cutoff all access to the public.  This is not right, at some point my daughter is going to need to interact and experience new people and things.  How do I allow this and know she is safe?
We talk about change, we talk about safety, and we talk about our future.  Until ALL people; Parents, Friends and others take the responsibility to identify, report and control people who are misguided and have bad thought towards others, we will never be safe.
In my day 25+ some years ago, I walked over a mile to school and back without fear and with the full blessing of my parents.  Now I won’t let my daughter out of my, or my wife’s, sight going to and from school.  I see that I am not alone when I go to drop off or pickup my daughter from school, parents are there to shuttle the children.
We as a society need to make a change, ensuring our children understand the value of life, understand to confront conflict with words and discussion and not with guns and violence!
If you read this whole rant I thank you, you are the ones that probably didn’t need this message, but I encourage you to pass the message along that together we are better.  Together we can make this a safe place to live, work, learn and survive.
This all starts at the top, so I ask that our government leaders at all levels stop their petty fights over minute, petty things that we hear nightly on TV and read in the news.  Why not work together to make this the greatest place to live!  I know this is a tall ask, but maybe, just maybe, the politicians could pull their collective heads out of their asses and realize that working together for the betterment of the society as a whole is in the best interest of the entire society! Show the people that through discussion and compromise, all problems can be solved, and winning at all costs is not the best course of action, but by working together, everything can be improved.