As most of you know Office 365 and its services are updated on a monthly and quarterly release cycle. With last month’s SharePoint and Exchange conference Microsoft has continued to tell the world that new features and functionality will come to Office 365 first and then, after some time, come to the on-premises versions on the products. Morale of the story? If you want to be on the latest and greatest version and have the newest features and functionality then it is the Cloud and Office 365 for you!

Here is a recap of some of the announcements from the two recent conferences:

SharePoint Conference, for this I am going to give you links to the daily recap from Christian Buckley (@BuckleyPlanet) blog:

SharePoint Conference Day 1 Recap (buckleyPLANET)

SharePoint Conference Day 2 Recap (buckleyPLANET)

SharePoint Conference Recap–Day 3 (buckleyPLANET)

SharePoint Conference Recap–Day 4 (buckleyPLANET)

For the Exchange Conference, here is Tony Redmond’s (@12Knocksinna) recap from his blog,

And here is a PowerPoint deck that explains Office 365 and what changes have been made!