Today – I have some important news to share. After 9+ years in consulting, I have made the decision to make the next big move in my career. I will be leaving Catapult and making the transition to one of the hottest cloud startups.

I want to first say that Catapult Systems has been an amazing place to work for over the past three plus years. I highly encourage any Microsoft related people looking to move into consulting or move to a new consulting job to seriously consider Catapult. They are a top notch company and a consulting company second to none! As a pre-sales technical architect there, I have enjoyed building up the new National Cloud Team at Catapult and making it successful. Changes happen and Catapult decided to remove my role from the National team but was extremely generous in offering me a position with the Denver office to be a consultant and pre-sales engineer for the entire west region. It was a hard decision to turn down this new position, very difficult. I have come to know and love the people of Catapult from the top down. But I also wanted to try something new, and force myself to expand and extend to something unchartered in my career.

Therefore On October 20th, I will be joining SkyKick. For those unfamiliar, SkyKick offers the world’s only completely automated Office 365 project migration solution for channel partners and is one of the hottest cloud companies. In just a little over a year since launching, SkyKick has established distribution deals with the cream of the crop; from Ingram Micro to Synnex.

My title will be Sr. Account Executive, something I am going to have a bit of a hard time with, if you know me personally you would understand what I mean by a hard time. I have never been a fan of Account Executives, I usually joke that they are just around to “pay for lunch and happy hours,” “we make money in spite of the Account Managers” and so on. Now I will be one, I guess I need to go get a LobotomyJ, another thing I attribute to Account Execs and Network Admins!

Seriously, this role is actually less about schmoozing, and more about evangelizing, educating and helping partners realize how they can build more scalable and profitable cloud migration businesses with SkyKick. I will also be assisting with product development, giving my input with new features and functionality for the existing tools as well as what new tools can and should be worked on. I look forward to the challenge on both sides, getting more adoption of SkyKick and helping improve the catalog of products.

While I look forward to the new opportunity with SkyKick, I know I am going to miss Catapult, the people and the company. But as I have told them, I’m not going to a competitor, so we can all remain friends. And of course I will be in touch showing them how certain SkyKick solutions can help their bottom line while at the same time enhancing their customers’ business! J

My last day at Catapult will be October 8th and then me and the family are heading to Mexico with a two other couples for a nice vacation!

You can always reach me at smcneill at office365evangelist dot com. And if you are a consulting company doing Office 365 migrations, reach out to me at Sean dot McNeill at SkyKick dot com after the 20th and I will give you all the reasons you should be using SkyKick for migrations!