I truly wish I could share with you the GREAT information I received at the MVP 2014 Summit. And by saying this I am not trying to say “Ha Ha…I know this and you don’t” My point of this blog post is to tell you all that Microsoft is/has understood your comments and feedback and making the entire Office 365 service respond to the feedback and comments we, the MVPs and the general public users, first and foremost! The amount of info I have received would fill a library, and I want to thank all of the various Microsoft employees that have trusted me, and my fellow MVPs, with this information.

We MVPs strive to help out you, the community that uses the service, and those of you that are looking to move to the service. While I am prohibited from sharing pretty much everything I have learned this week, I want to ensure you all that the Cloud First, Mobile First mantra is alive and well within the core of what Microsoft is doing.

Our MVP Exchange Colleagues have a bit of a angst with Yammer, so we Office 365 MVPs hopefully gave them a push below!