As most of you know, I recently made a move and now work at SkyKick. What I knew coming into this job was that SkyKick had some pretty kickass applications for migrating mailboxes to Office 365, but what I didn’t know is the minutia of how they do this. Everyone out there can move the data, that is relatively easy, but what SkyKick does is not only move the data, but automates the entire project. After being a full-time SkyKicker for several weeks, here are my top reason why you should be using SkyKick as your migration solution (all the below items relate to our SMB and Enterprise Suite Applications, some but not all also relate to the Data-Only Application):

  1. SkyKick Outlook Assistant (SKOA)
    1. Patching and Updates
      1. Ensures each client Outlook version is ready to access Office 365
      2. Will push patches, Updates and Service packs as needed
      3. Reporting of the install and readiness of the SKOA
    2. NK2 file migration
      1. This is the ‘Contacts’ that almost every end-user relies on
      2. This is really the Auto-Complete of email addresses when a user starts a new email message
      3. No other 3rd party migration solution that I am aware of migrates this data
      4. Huge win for you the partner
      5. Huge win for your customer IT department
    3. PST File(s) migration
      1. New Profile has the PST File(s) from the source Profile
      2. If it is a IMAP or POP3 data will be migrated to Office 365 Mailbox
    4. Signature Migration
      1. Again – end user doesn’t need to re-create
      2. You the partner are the hero
    5. OST/Cache file off hours creation
      1. Eliminates the network congestion on Migration morning
    6. Reporting
      1. Reporting tells the admin the End User will have the Outlook profile migrated seamlessly
      2. Easy to identify client that are in need of help prior to the migration, not after!
  2. Calendar Items are real
    1. Most migration solutions can migration ‘A Calendar Item’
    2. SkyKick Migrates the Calendar Item but makes sure it works
      1. An attendee changes status after meeting, the Calendar updates
      2. An organizer changes the meeting time or location after migration and sends to all, they all get the update
  3. No Missed emails
    1. SkyKick does numerous migration passes – Included, no extra cost
    2. SkyKick does migration passes over the 48 hours AFTER a migration is completed
    3. SkyKick does a “True-Up” of the mailbox on Final Sync, this means any modifications to the mailbox at the source by the user is represented in Office 365
      1. User deletes an email after the initial sync, the final sync will make the change in the Office 365
      2. User moves an email in the source after initial sync, final sync will make the change in Office 365
      3. Changes to Contacts after initial sync are changed during final sync
  4. Automation, Automation, Automation!
    1. SkyKick matches the source email environment to the target environment (Office 365) automatically
    2. SkyKick Discovery finds not only the mailboxes, but also the Distribution Lists and all members
    3. SkyKick Discovers and find the Public Folders for an on-premises Exchange Environment.

The above list is not a complete list of the benefits of using the SkyKick Applications for a migration to Office 365, but it does highlight, in my mind, the things that are often missed in a migration. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me personally or to for more information!