Today, my company, SkyKick announced a new Data-Only migration application for handling email data migrations, and since many of you use migration tools, I wanted to give my take on this product and why we’re doing it.

First off, the product is awesome, and I think partners are really going to love it for those times you only need the email, calendar and contact data migrated.  I joined SkyKick because they create innovative products, and they do whatever it takes to help their partners.  This product delivers on both fronts.  Check out the website to learn more, but I’d like too personally call out a few big features that I believe are going to save partners a bunch of time and hassle:

Server Sync – hands down incredibly data quality, fidelity, and speed.  This feature has been the foundation of their full Migration Suites and now is available with Data-Only.  The great part is the way it’s architected eliminates the need to manage migrations and the “migration passes” while getting post-mx record fidelity down to the folder, category and flag level.  Plus it seems faster too.  Look for a follow-up post where I do a deep dive on all the cool things SkyKick migrates.

Mailbox Matching – the Data-Only Planner will automatically match on source-side and destination-side mailboxes, saving partners a bunch of time setting up the migration.  For the “old schoolers”, there’s even a great .CSV upload feature.

Admin Sync – Source-Side Impersonation has been missing from SkyKick for a while and now they have it not only for Exchange, but also for Google too!

Price – It’s only $12, and deeper discounts are available through Ingram and Synnex.  While this is a positive, it can also be a negative, so choose your SkyKick solution carefully depending on what you’re trying to accomplish.   I want to let folks know though that since joining I found out that SkyKick has surveyed and analyzed thousands of partners’ migration projects, and we found that the full SMB and Enterprise Migration Suites still deliver the most value and are still the most profitable for partners.  But for those do-it-yourself customers and particular customer environments, eg, without desktops, this is a great way to serve them too.

Secondly, since many have asked, I want to let you know why we’re launching the Data-Only sku.  The very simple and clear-cut answer is because so many of our partners asked for it!   Now that I’m on the inside so to speak, I’ve been really impressed how partner-focused SkyKick is, and how takes all the great feedback from our partners seriously.  Data-Only is a direct result of feedback received from our Partner community.  You’ve told us (and we know) that there are times when the full project automation doesn’t make sense for a customer.  And no, just because SkyKick spent years developing the most innovative migration project technology on the planet, the team is not offended to have to pull features to deliver this.  Nor are they changing course – we do what helps partners most, and this was next on the list.

We are continually evaluating our offering to Partners and helping them get the most value in migrating their customers to Office 365.  I am excited because I am personally working with our development team on some new cool stuff.  Go try a Data-Only migration today.  And remember, this is only the next step in a long journey – stay tuned – we are just getting started!