The hits keep on coming!

Today Microsoft announced that an upcoming update to Office 2013 will enable Multi-Factor Authentication and SAML Identity Providers. This is HUGE! Up until now it had been very hard to impossible to use an Outlook client when MFA is enabled. If a company was using Azure AD-MFA, they could configure what was called an AppPassword, but this was a very clunky way to be authenticated. Now with the upcoming update the Office 2013 Applications will be able to use MFA, Smart Car and Certificate based authentication and the big one, Outlook no longer will be required to use Basic Authentication. Read the full blog post from Microsoft for much more information.

Staying with the Authentication theme of the day, Microsoft announced today that Yammer will now allow users to authentication with their Office 365 credentials. This is a natural progression of integrating Yammer into Office 365 and the entire Microsoft ecosystem. Now users will be able to seamlessly switch between Office 365 services and Yammer by use of the Office 365 Navigation Bar. This feature will begin rolling out to tenants in December.