Today I noticed a new feature in my Office 365 tenant, the ability to easily and quickly convert an individual mailbox to a shared mailbox and vice versa. This makes it very easy to convert a mailbox, previously an admin had to convert the mailbox via PowerShell. Microsoft has announced this new feature via this blog post,

Now to convert an individual mailbox to a shared mailbox simply go to the Exchange admin Center and the mailboxes area

Select the mailbox you want to convert and in the action pane on the right, scroll down and select the Convert option under Convert to Shared Mailbox.

You will get a warning dialog box confirming you want to convert the mailbox

A status dialog box will show you the progress of the conversion

When completed just click close. Note converting the mailbox to shared does not remove the license for the user, so you would need to manually remove the license in the Office 365 Admin portal.

The mailbox now shows as Shared in the mailboxes area

But refreshing the view the mailbox disappears from the Mailboxes section and is moved to the Shared section

Now in the Shared section, you can convert a mailbox to a regular mailbox

Notice that a license needs to be applied when converting to a regular mailbox.

Opening up the mailbox you can grant users access to the shared mailbox