Had another great meeting! We started off with some open discussion about some new features in Office 365 and then onto the real meat of the meeting. AppSheet (www.appsheet.com) presented and demoed their very unique and cool platform that takes a simple spreadsheet and turns it into a mobile app. The technology is very slick and must be seen to really appreciate. AppSheet welcomes all to try out their platform and provide any feedback to praveen@appsheet.com. After AppSheet was done we had another short open discussion.

I am always looking for presenters for the meetings, whether individuals or companies, all the requirement I have is whatever you want to present relates to Office 365. Please reach out to me directly if you are interested in presenting at a future meeting.

During the AppSheet presentation an app was created within minutes, you can access it in the below links:

To install the app, please open this link on your mobile device:

You can also run the app in your browser via this link:




Here is the recording of the meeting today, http://1drv.ms/1A4BqMB

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