Tonight while doing some work in my company Tenant I notice that the new Workload-Specific Admin Roles has been deployed to our tenant! This has been something that has been asked for and on the roadmap for a while, great to see it now rolling out. I will clarify that you might not see this in your tenant right now, I only see this in my company tenant but not my personal tenant, even though both have First Release turned on.

So here is how it looks

From the Office 365 Admin Portal I go to the Active Users area (don’t get me started on the new sub-menus, liked the old interface better). Selecting a user to edit and selecting the Roles item I now see this:

As you can see above, you now have several different options for administrative permissions. You still have the “God” level of Global admin but also the ability to grant a user to be just a SharePoint Admin or a Lync Admin. Very very cool new functionality rolling out to a Tenant near you! Here is some documentation, seems a bit outdated for this new Workload-Specific Admin level, for the admin roles,