Recently I wrote a blog post about setting us the new Office 365 MDM service. In this blog post I want to show you the end user experience.

This was done using a Windows Phone 8.1 Device

After adding the Office 365 to the device using the native ActiveSync mail client I only see one email in my mailbox, and it is from Microsoft

Opening up this email you see it talks about what I need to do to setup email on my device, I followed the first link

I was taken here to add my device to a Workplace, clicked on add account

Added my email address and clicked on sign in

I then was directed to sign in with my Office 365 credentials

Got a success message, I clicked done and then locked my phone

Right when I locked the phone I got this info about needing to change my lock screen password (actually set should be more correct as I did not have one on this phone) I clicked on Set and went ahead and set a PIN for unlock

I went back to my email and did a refresh, expecting to see my actual email but I did not. So I opened up the email again and clicked on the link for #2

I was able to verify that my device was compliant, next I went back to the email and click the link for #3

Now after getting activated for email I went back to my email and saw my new emails! (with the enrollment email automatically removed)

So it is pretty straight forward and easy for the user to get email on a device when Office 365 MDM has been setup.