Another week and more news on Office 365, you really have to watch the to keep up with the many changes that happen, I recommend subscribing to the RSS feed for the blog.

Auto-Expanding Archives for Office 365 – When Microsoft first launched Office 365 Online Archive in the Exchange Online Plan 2 (Part of the Enterprise 3 license) it was announced as unlimited. This was mostly true but with a caveat. Initially the Online Archive Mailbox was limit was set to 100GB, if a user reached the limit or was near reaching the limit, a Service Request was needed to increase the limit. Now with this announcement, no longer with a Service Request be needed to expand the limit, it will automatically be increased. They also have removed the limits on the Recoverable Item store.

Early Look at next gen info protection in Office 365 – The Office Mechanics team shows off the new controls for compliance, security and organizational search.

Advanced Threat Protection in Exchange Online – This is the new email filtering service for Exchange Online Protection and is now available

Microsoft Acquires maker of Wunderlist – This acquisition will integrate the to-do list app with OneNote