I was awarded as an Office 365 MVP again on July 1st! I am truly honored and humbled by this award. I truly appreciate this award as it is based on what I have done over the past year. It is not based on my ‘forward looking work’. Microsoft is very secretive as to who is awarded and what it takes to get awarded as an MVP. For me what I do is try my best to help out the Office 365 community as best as I can. I am one of many founders of the Office 365 International User Group, www.office365union.com, and an avid blogger and tweeter about all things Office 365 related.

I do not do what I do to be awarded as an MVP. I do what I do to help out others in the field to help them understand and appreciate the platform that is Office 365. If next year Microsoft decides I have not done enough to award me another MVP award I will still continue to do what I have to help the community. What I am trying to say is that my goal is to not just gain MVP status, but to help the community at large.

My passion is helping out and providing assistance for others in the field of Office 365. I truly enjoy working with and enjoying learning about the changes and new features and functionality of Office 365. Keeping up with the changes is a daunting challenge, but is one I like. I realize that Office 365 is a continuing changing service. I take on the challenge of keeping up with the changes and publish those changes as I am able.