Had another great meeting of the Office 365 International User Group today. We started out with an open discussion period talking about a few various topics and then dove right into the first of our two presenters. Joe Stocker (@ITguySoCal) gave the first presentation on the new E5 license SKU and the new features and functionality that it brings along with an Admin demo of implementing some of the new features. He also talked about a few other Office 365 gotchas and learnings he has come across recently. Next up we had Eriq VanBibber (@EriqVB) talk about the issues he has come across with Microsoft Global DNS and the common Office 365 namespaces. This was a great presentation and was great info to be aware of.

Links to both presentations are below, but to truly understand and appreciate each topic, you really need to watch the recording of the meeting.

Here is the link to Joe’s Presentation.

Here is the link to Eriq’s presentation, and below are a few other links Eriq provided.



These links are for the MS Endpoint names and IP’s



Thanks to everyone who attended! As always, if you would like to speak at the next meeting or another upcoming meeting please do not hesitate to reach out to me.