I am taking the next step in my career and have accepted a position as TSP (Technology Solutions Professional) Productivity with Microsoft. My first day will be next Monday, April 25th. I am really looking forward to this new chapter of my life and joining Microsoft. This role will entail me helping Microsoft’s customers in the West Region with their move, adoption and growth with Cloud computing, specifically around Office 365. I feel I have been working toward this position for the past 15 years. I have worked for a several great companies previous, from being an IT admin to Consultant to Sales. All of these previous roles have prepared me for this new opportunity. I really enjoyed all of my previous jobs, but being an advocate and evangelist for Office 365 has been in me since prior to the official launch of Office 365, during the early times with BPOS. I look forward to talking to customers about their journey to the cloud and how it can really help their overall IT and Business productivity.

Moving to Microsoft means I give my status as an MVP. I have been honored and privileged to be able to have been awarded this great honor, originally in July 2012 and each of the years since. As I will no longer be an MVP, I still will help out the Office 365 community, but I am looking for someone to take over the day to day duties of running the Office 365 International User Group. You do not have to be an MVP to take on this role, I was not an MVP when I started the IUG with several others (all of the others were MVPs). I personally credit my time with founding and running the IUG as a reason for my MVP award. If you would like to help take over the day to day duties of the IUG, please drop me a line and we can talk. I hope that someone who shares my passion for Office 365 will step up and take the group to the next level. I know I, and other MVPs, will also help out with the transition and the group moving forward.

I want to take a minute to thank everyone at SkyKick for a great time and run for the past 1.5 years. I really got to know most everyone in the company and I think that SkyKick’s best days are ahead. Migrations are still a major part of SkyKick, but with Cloud Backup and Manager growing day by day, great things are here and in the future.