The Broncos continue their great second half run of the season with a big win on the road at Minnesota!  For those of you that know me I am not a huge Tebow fan, and I think today showed why I am still not convinced that an offense designed around him and the run can work in the NFL.  The Vikings loaded up the line and dared the Broncos and Tebow to pass (not probably the best idea for them against any team since they were ranked 29th against the pass coming into this week).  Tebow did make them pay for that strategy, not with gigantic numbers and not with a surgeon-like passing game but he got the job done!  He finished 10-15 202 yards and 2 TDs.  Both TDs were to a wide open receiver, Demaryius Thomas, who had some invisibility cloak on as the Vikings DB seemed to ignore him all day! Willis McGahee continued his great running, gaining 111 yards on 20 carries and a TD.

The Defense was challenged by Ponder’s passing and the hard running of Gerhart.  But they were able to get two INTs, one for a pick 6, and a forced fumble and recovery.  They were without Von Miller today but Mario Haggan filled in most admirably, he had the pick 6 and lead the team with 12 total tackles!

And a big thank you to the Oakland Faiders for laying an egg against the Dolphins!  The Broncos are now tied for the AFC West lead with the tie-breaker right now over the faiders due to a better division and conference record!