So it was a big week for this blog!  Over 500 readers accessed the site this week since I posted my series on Office 365 Hybrid Deployment with Exchange 2010 SP2.  This number represents almost a third of the total amount of hits since I launched this blog in the beginning of December 2011!  Reviewing the search terms that lead user to my blog and seeing the blog post that are being viewed (WordPress provides great statistics) it is obvious that Office 365 Hybrid deployment information is in high demand!  I am hopeful that this information provided here on my blog, and on my mirror blog at, is helping people.  My goal with this blog is to help the Office 365 community, and with over 500 hits this week I get the feeling I am.  Time will tell.  Please feel free to comment on posts you would like to see, any issues you would like investigated, or any other way I could help you with your Office 365 implementation.

On a personal note, today I took the second of the two Office 365 Microsoft Beta Exams.  These exams are, to my knowledge, in beta until early February and then are scheduled to be released fully in March.  I took the first exam on Monday.  The Monday exam was 70-321, Deploying Office 365.  This was not too bad, and I think I did pretty good.  My only problem was the SharePoint questions, as I am not a SharePoint admin or expert, but know just enough to be dangerous.  The exam today for Office 365 Administration, this was a more difficult test.  I attribute the Administering test being more difficult for me is that as a consultant I primarily do more deployments than day-to-day administration.  Again the SharePoint questions for the Administration test got me, but also not knowing all the Powershell commands (and I pride myself on being a PowerShell power user) specific for Office 365 administration had me guessing a bit.

Well I should find out in 4-8 weeks how I did on the exams, hopefully I passed both, but if not I will now know what to study more on and be ready to re-take the exams to get my Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP) designation for Office 365.