I am one happy Broncos fan today, the Broncos have landed Peyton Manning to be our QB.  To have a QB of Peyton’s status is great for Denver!  Really not since John retires have we had a certified #1 top flight QB in Denver!  This changes everything, we are not rebuilding anymore, we are reloading!  I know that this move cost Tim Tebow his place with Denver, and while I totally appreciate Tebow the man, Tebow the QB was, in my opinion, not going to take us to the the promised land, the Super Bowl!

Tebow, and the Defense got us into the playoffs and won us the game against the Steelers, but Tebow can not take us any further.  I do not think Elway was lying when he said Tim would be the Starting QB going into Training Camp next year; but when an opportunity to add one of the top 5 QBs all time it became a no-brainer to go after Manning with full force.  It is all about winning now, and not hoping we can win and Tebow can improve at QB.  I wish Tebow much success in the NFL and hope he succeeds, but for me getting Manning is one of the best moves of the Elway Broncos Executive moves, not sure how he could top this other than being able to raise the Lombardi Trophy and say “This one’s for Mr.B”

So I think that Tebow must be traded for two reasons:

1. The Broncos need to let the circus leave town.  We cannot let the Tebowmaniacs start-up the first INT Manning throws or after a Broncos loss.

2. Tebow will be better off working on his game with a team that trades for him.  Tebow was not the choice of the current Broncos brain trust.  He deserves to go to a team who are 100% behind him and Denver is not that place.  Manning wants all the practice reps, and so to keep Tebow would hurt his developement.

GREAT MOVE ELWAY!  The Drive, The Helicopter, and now the Signing!


Little Cartoon from the great Drew Litton (@drewlitton) to summarize today’s events http://www.drewlitton.com/categories-2/football/2012/03/19/elways-day-at-the-office/