So Today, while working and managing four client projects I finalized my domain registrar from WordPress/Automatic to  Bad timing as I did this while working projects and then heading out to a crucial client meeting (ok it was a Happy Hour at Earl’s).  So when I got home this site was unreachable and t took me a bit to get it back online.  I think everything is working fine now, but please let me know if you are having trouble accessing the site (haha, if you are having trouble you won’t see this post)!

Next up is to move the hosting of this site to but will most likely wait until after the inaugural Office 365 International User Group!  Please find more information about this User group here:  Part of the reason I made the transfer of the domain to is to allow me to setup the proper SRV DNS settings to host the meeting via Lync Online.  The invitation to the group with the Lync info will be out very shortly!  Join now to be able to say you were at the first meeting!