So Today was a good day! I am right now sitting in the San Antonio airport waiting on a flight back home to Denver, but earlier today I got a chance to take a tour of the Microsoft Datacenter in the area! This opportunity was part of a joint event between Catapult Systems and Microsoft around Cloud Services. I spoke about Office 365 and the journey to the cloud, and a Microsoft Azure specialist talked about the Azure services. After we completely bored the audience we were all taken on an in-depth tour of the very impressive Datacenter. Very, very impressed with the facility overall and the team in charge on its care and management.

As a Microsoft Partner, I am under a companywide NDA, and to gain entry to the facility I had to sign two additional documents, one being another NDA; so at this time I am reluctant to provide any details of the tour, but am working with Microsoft to determine what I can say about the tour and will update this post with public information I can disclose. I will say this again, very impressed with the facility, the cleanliness, the attention to detail and the overall scale of the site!

One cool piece of information that was talked about in the Azure session was the information about the upcoming Azure Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offering coming later this year! After seeing the Datacenter I know this will be a huge success and a great way for companies to expand to the cloud and take advantage of Microsoft massive investment in Cloud Computing!

Hopefully more to come about the datacenter itself, just waiting on a few lawyers, Marketing people and the planets to align!


I found some small tidbits that I am allowed to say about the datacenter from the Microsoft Site,  The GFS is the branch of Microsoft that designs, builds and runs the datacenters around the world for Microsoft.  here is a good overview about the San Antonio, TX dataceter,

The San Antonio, TX Datacenter covers almost 500,000 square feet of space.  This datacenter along with the other datacenters contain over 200 properties, or services, for Microsoft.  Really think of the GFS as the datacenter provider and the various online properties like Bing, Hotmail, Office 365, Azure, etc as tenants in these massive datacenters.  Really the GFC datacenter locations are actually just collocation facilities  for the over 200 online properties of Microsoft.

Sorry I can’t give you all the meaty details, but want to ensure I stay within my NDA.  I will say this, while the San Antonio datacenter was great to see, it is only a Gen 2 datacenter.  Microsoft is already rolling out Gen 4 datacenters that truly are module in every aspect!