So it goes to show that the iPhone/iPad devices rule.  I say this being a very strong supporter of Windows Phone 7, but numbers don’t lie!  Today the Lync Mobile client was released in the Apple App Store and this blog site saw its highest traffic to date!  I am not saying this to brag as I have only been on this site for just about two months, but it is nice to see traffic pick up.  The primary reason for the spike in traffic is due to my posting here last Monday talking about Microsoft releasing the Lync Mobile Client ( At the time of writing I made a bad assumption that all platforms (Windows Phone 7, Android and IOS) had released on the 12th.  This was incorrect, only Windows Phone 7 had the Lync client in the Marketplace.  Android released later last week and as I stated IOS today.  The post links to two documents for additional steps needed to ensure that a company’s Lync On-Premises or Lync Online with Office 365 is properly configured to ensure connectivity with the Lync Mobile Client.

Catapult Systems, my company, was part of the TAP program and we had access to the beta revs of the Lync Client.  I had actually been running it for about three months prior to the RTM launch last Monday.  I really like the ability that the client adds to my HTC Titan.  It does not replace the full Lync Client on my laptop, but helps in a pinch to see why co-workers and send a quick IM or even better now have one touch connection to a Lync Meeting.  Having Lync call me for the meeting is way better than dialing the proper number and entering the meeting code and my PIN.