Well we backed into the playoffs yesterday with a horrible game by the passing offense and Tebow!  The rushing offense did good, over 200 yards against a stacked box!  The defense played great allowing only 7 points to KC.  We lost the game 7-3 but due to the Chargers beating the Raiders we won the tie-breakers between the 3 8-8 teams, KC, Charger and us.

So our prize is a home playoff game against the Steelers!  I think we need to put in Brady Quinn as the QB for the playoff game!  He will give us, in my opinion, the best chance to win.  The Steelers defense is ranked #1 in the NFL.  We need to be a balanced attack and with Tebow only hitting 6 of 22 passes does not cut it!  I know it probably won’t happen but to have a chance we need a change at QB!

My problem with Tebow as a passer is that it seems he must see the receiver open BEFORE he will release the ball.  This does not work in the NFL, he needs to anticipate a receiver coming out of a cut and delivering the ball to where the receiver will be.  This is why our passing game has been so bad.  Maybe this will change with more work in the off-season, but I don’t think it will.  It seems he has always been this way and because if the high level of skilled personnel he has had compared to the defenses he faced in college it was not an issue.  But now if the NFL where everyone is an all-american and has top level skills it magnifies any minor issues!