Microsoft awarded and re-awarded MVP’s yesterday, and unfortunately I was not chosen.  I was nominated a few months ago by a good friend and SQL MVP.  This does not mean I give up, quite the opposite!  I know that helping the community is the number 1 criteria for obtaining MVP status.  And continuing to help the community is what I will do!  My focus has been around Office 365, hence the primary reason for this blog, my numerous speaking engagements have been recently focused on Office 365.  I am already scheduled to speak at the Denver and Dallas events in the first quarter of 2012.  I also make an effort to help out on the Office 365 Forums located here:, my ID there is SeanMcNeill.

I also keep up with my twitter account (@s_mcneill) and try to tweet about Microsoft and Office 365.

So I will continue to work to help out the Microsoft community.  If there is something you want to know about Office 365 or have a question or ten please do not hesitate to contact me via twitter or my company email Sean dot McNeill at Catapultsystems dot com.