This week we had a very good Office 365 International User Group meeting. Rene Modery (@Modery) and Matthew Hughes (@Mattmoo2) gave a recap of the Microsoft SharePoint Conference 2012 in Las Vegas. Rene kicked things of talking about how SharePoint 2013 was built with the Cloud in mind. He also covered a bunch of information relating to the way Microsoft Manages SharePoint Online, he provided numbers of servers and databases and detailed how Microsoft monitors and tests out the SharePoint online systems to ensure uptime, reliability and makes automation a key initiative. Matt then talked about the conference, the level of speakers and sessions and how our users feel about the two. Matt also talked about the benefits of a conference the size of SharePoint beyond just the sessions. How it allows people to network, to talk with experts, to have fun along with all the learning opportunities.

Martina Grom (@Magrom) then gave a recap of the Microsoft BUILD conference help in Redmond in October. She bragged a bit about the two devices she received, a Nokia Lumia 920 and Microsoft Surface RT! J She then gave a great overview of the new Office Apps. She talked about how developers can now write code to be integrated with the Office 2013 suite and Exchange and SharePoint on-premises as well as the online versions. She talked about the new Office Store that adds to the already Windows Phone Store and the Windows 8 Store that now give developers and users as well many choices to publish, find and install apps.

Both Rene and Martina had PowerPoint decks for their presentations, I will work with both to get them uploaded to the User Group Site,

The group then engaged in several ad-hock discussions around such things as Google vs Office 365, MigrationWiz migration tool and Wave 15 of Office 365. This was another great meeting and a good way to wrap up the year and prepare for another big year for Office 365 with the coming of Wave 15 (2013 product sets) and other cloud goodness!

Hope you all have a very wonderful Holiday Season and the best to you and yours!