A fellow Office 365 MVP, Loryan Strant @TheCloudMouth, has created a very cool application that can be used to create and manage SkyDrive Consumer accounts based on Active Directory accounts and email addresses. XStran, Loryan’s company, developed this tool to allow Educational Institutions to move user Home Drives away from on-premises servers and place the content in the Cloud with SkyDrive. This is a great idea, it allows a school or university to free up on-premises resources and management of a server infrastructure devoted to just storing user docs, pictures, songs, video, etc. With this application the school can create new SkyDrive accounts based on Active Directory and allow the users the benefit of the cloud for storage, synchronization and sharing of files.

I strongly encourage you to take a look at this application. Great way to provide data storage to students without the cost of servers and storage, http://www.xstran.com/solutions/dirsync-for-skydrive/.