Rob Latino Announced today the launch of the Tools and Diagnostic Wiki on the Office 365 Community site,

What is great about this is now there is a great collection of tools, articles, Videos, radio episodes and webcasts related to Office 365! The link above will take you to the announcement that list the contents of the Wiki.  The list breaks down all tools, tools by service and other sections to help make finding what you need easier.  And I would like to point out, looking over the complete tools list, these are not just Office 365 tools, but tools that any administrator should know about and become familiar with.  Yes some are strictly designed to assist with Office 365, but the majority can help out an admin in any number of day-to-day troubleshooting endeavors, like NLTest and NSLookup, Process Monitor just to name a few.

Take a look at the full list of tools here:

Hope you find this new Wiki provided by Microsoft to be helpful in the event you have any issues with Office 365!