Just a little bit ago I created a new Yammer group. This Yammer group is tied to the Office 365 International User Group (IUG), but the association is loose and you don’t have to be a member of one to join the other. Here is the link to the Yammer group, https://www.yammer.com/office365iug I am a novice with Yammer, while I use it, within my company Catapult Systems and some interactions with Microsoft groups, this is my first time creating and managing a Yammer group. So I ask forgiveness up front if I mess things up or am not able to respond immediately to requests and questions J I do look forward to helping out the Office 365 Community via another avenue that Yammer provides!

Several of the Office 365 IUG founders discussed having a presentation on Yammer at our next meeting. We all agreed it was a good idea and I am going to reach out to my Microsoft contacts to see if we can get a Program Manager or other top-level Yammer representative to present to the group. I encourage your input and suggestions for the subject matter for the IUG, please email me at (sean dot mcneill at catapultsystems dot com) or send me a tweet at @S_McNeill. This group was created to help the Office 365 community and with your help we all can benefit from an open and creative group.

Side Note, Microsoft made some changes to the way Domains are added and managed in Office 365 for Enterprises, Loryan Strant (@thecloudmouth) has posted a great blog detailing the changes, http://thecloudmouth.com/2013/01/31/changes-to-the-way-office-365-manages-domains/ recommend this!