As this article states,, it is great that a user can easily upgrade to the latest OS version, but being on the latest version can be a problem. Apple recently released IOS 6.1 and it has a dire effect on the Exchange Servers that a user is connected too! The problem is well documented and is related to extensive connections made by the IOS 6.1 devices, iPhones or iPads. One would think that after IOS 6.0 had wide spread issues with calendaring hijacking, Apple would have learned to test their implementation of ActiveSync prior to releasing a new IOS update? Guess not, now most corporations are being forced to block IOS 6.1 devices from connecting to their Exchange servers as this update is causing major issues!

My reason for posting this blog is to point out this is NOT A MICROSOFT issue, this is an APPLE issue! With the large iPhone/iPad deployment and the unfortunate lack of technical expertise and complete bias against Microsoft and devotion to Apple, these users will hold Microsoft responsible for not being able to get email, and not the true culprit, APPLE!

If you are an iPad/iPhone user and cannot connect to your corporate email account hosted on Microsoft Exchange, roll back your device update and then complain to Apple to fix their OS to work properly with the largest email system base in the world!

This is going to affected Office 365 customers as well. Microsoft cannot allow extensive connections by devices to affect access by other users. Again, please don’t blame Microsoft! Blame Apple for a poorly implemented OS update and demand that they fix it!