Some notes and nuggets around the new Office 365 (Wave 15)

New Service descriptions are located here, These have been moved to TechNet, they are no longer Word document downloads like the previous Office 365 version was. I seem to remember the reason for the move is to allow them to be updated at a quicker pace.

Haven’t mention this is a while, but I highly recommend you check out the Community site for Office 365, This is a great place for information about all things Office 365. It includes Blogs, Forums, Wiki and Troubleshooting sections. Via the Community Site you can find great Ignite Webcasts about Office 365, the next one is scheduled for Wednesday March 6th at noon Pacific Time, the topic for this Webcast is Hybrid Deployments, A sister site to the Community is The Grid,, this also has great information about Office 365!

Here is a good post about the SkyDrive Pro limits and workarounds,

Here is another great new series that just had its first Episode, The Garage Series,

I have created a Yammer group for the Office 365 International User Group,, please feel free to join!