Getting to Know the Differences Between Office 365 and SharePoint

You may be familiar with Office 365 especially if you need to do a lot of office-related stuff. What about SharePoint? Are you familiar with this? Some people use these two terms interchangeably when in fact, they are not the same. They have similar capabilities but you should know that they are not entirely the same.

All the Right Details About Office 365

Office 365 is supposed to provide people with the right tools to help them become more productive. The different applications can be used for different purposes. They can be accessed online and offline. Through Office 365, you can use the following:

  • Word
  • Excel
  • OneNote
  • PowerPoint

All of the files that you would create with the use of these tools can be saved on your device or in the cloud. Some other applications can be used for audio conferencing, video conferencing, and web conferencing.

What About SharePoint?

You may be feeling confused about where SharePoint will enter at this point. SharePoint is available in Office365. This can be used to configure Microsoft Office for the company’s needs. You know that your company has its own specific needs that can be addressed with the use of SharePoint.

It is also through SharePoint that you can do the following:

  • Store documents
  • Search for details that you may need
  • Manage reports
  • Track comments

One of the similarities between SharePoint and Microsoft Office is they will both have the ability to store documents. You just need to consider which one will be more ideal for your needs. Your preference will also play a huge role in your choice.

Differences Between Office 365 and SharePoint

Now that you already know some details about Office 365 and SharePoint, you should know some of their differences.

Office 365 is ideal if you would need to store your files easily. You can use the cloud if you do not want to overload the gadget that you are using. You also do not have to worry about collaborations because this can be done easily. Microsoft Office Teams will also make collaborations less complicated. If you also need to personalize some files that can be accessed on different devices, Office 365 is your best bet.

For SharePoint, this is ideal if you do not need a lot of collaboration between you and the rest of the team. This will be great if you are working alone or collaborations are done scarcely. This can also be ideal if you are going to do a lot of customizations of your metadata. You can also use this if you need your data types to be configurable. This is something that you will not get when you use Office 365.

Between the two, SharePoint is going to be more ideal if you are very strict about security. You have to admit that the data that you have should stay within your company. You do not want just anyone to access the file without your knowledge. The security of SharePoint is complex enough that it will not be opened by any random person.

Office 365 is going to be more ideal if you are working with the rest of your team. You know that collaborations should be done regularly. You can all work in one main file and do some edits as you go along. Meeting up with them through video and audio calls can be done easily too.


Your choice on which one to use will depend on what you may need. Consider all of the details that are mentioned to help you decide which one you will use more often. Using both can be okay too as long as you know how to maximize their use.

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