Getting to Know the Differences Between Office 365 and SharePoint

You may be familiar with Office 365 especially if you need to do a lot of office-related stuff. What about SharePoint? Are you familiar with this? Some people use these two terms interchangeably when in fact, they are not the same. They have similar capabilities but you should know that they are not entirely the […]

How Can Office 365 for Business Help?

A lot of enterprises are paying more attention now to Office 365. It seems that this has started to go beyond what people usually know namely Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. It is about time that it shows what it can truly do. What a lot of people do not realize is it has been around […]

Learning the Difference Between Office 365 and Microsoft 365

Some people may interchange the use of Office 365 and Microsoft 365 thinking that these two things are the same. The question is, are they the same? The more that you know about these two, the more that you can decide which will be more ideal for the lifestyle that you are leading now. Learn […]

All the Right Details You Should Know About Microsoft Office 365

Do you know that there are still some users who are confused about how to use Microsoft Office to its full ability? Some feel that it is just similar to the classic Microsoft products that they have used in the past. For example, they know that they would be using the following: Word PowerPoint Excel […]

What Type of Help Can Be Given by Microsoft 365 and Office 365 to Professionals?

How many months have you been working from home? This pandemic has changed the way that people live. What used to be considered normal which is going to work five times or even more than five times a day is now reduced to about two to three times. Some have decided that they would rather […]